The Coastal Village

British Columbia


Quality of life Smart Growth Green Design

Sustainability is the attempt to provide the best outcomes for the human and natural environments, both now and into the indefinite future.


  • Communitas – Sense of Community – shared vision, regular activities and treasured social connections. Generous common facilities, including pool, spa, workshop and Common House with industrial kitchen, dining/meeting room, lounge, kids’ playroom, teen room, laundry, yoga/music room, mail room and two guest suites.
  • Inclusive Membership – Intergenerational (30% seniors), 25% rental and/or subsidized/low-interest mortgages; families, single mothers, gays, couples, etc.
  • Universal Accessible Design
  • Safe and Nurturing Environment – Ungated with “eyes on the street”. Intergenerational. Elders are valued, and stay active and independent. Kids have playmates and mentors at hand.
  • Neighbourhood Centre – The common house provides a gathering place for residents and guests – a second 5-6,000 sq. ft. home they can use!


  • Clustered village design reduces sprawl, using our land resources more efficiently. Includes 30-35 residences (single family homes, townhouses, duplexes and/or apartments) ranging from 1 to 4 bedrooms.
  • Walkable Neighbourhood that is close to a retail, transportation and a park and river, lake, or ocean. Cars on the perimeter allow for pedestrian walkways and a common green.
  • Transit-supportive – Located within ½ mile of a bus stop.
  • Less Driving with on-site social life, entertainment, child care, accessible rideshares and proximity to schools, retail and transit; walking encouraged with natural settings (parks, water, etc.) within 10 minutes.


  • Reduced Energy Use –Smaller house design (800-1300 sq.ft.); passivhaus; Net-Zero energy ready; extensive use of natural light; low-water-use fixtures; rain catchment; grey water recycling; sustainably harvested lumber. Electric vehicle ready.
  • Healthy Building Materials – Non-toxic interior materials; water-based clear finishes; low-toxicity wood preservatives; sustainable flooring.
  • Earth-friendly Construction Practices – Lower-energy intensive concrete; reduced wood usage with advanced framing; Pre-fab construction?; etc. etc.
  • Generous Open Outdoor Space & More – Clustered design allows for preservation of mature trees and maximum open green space. Watershed protection provided by minimal porous pavement and vegetated drainage swales. Drought-tolerant landscaping. Organic garden and compost areas, orchard. Smaller environmental footprint.


  • We are looking for land in Southwestern BC: Sunshine Coast, on Vancouver Island between Victoria and Nanaimo, and Howe Sound, from Whistler to Pemberton.
  • Town, village or outlying suburban, with lots of trees and parks nearby.
  • View – With a view of, or at least within 10 minutes walk to, water (ocean, sea, lake, river).

The Coastal Village Cohousing…an inclusive, earth-friendly neighbourhood that fosters supportive relationships, cooperation and fun!