Project Description

by Kathryn McCamant and Charles Durrett

Introducing the new cohousing “bible” with many new North American case studies, design principles and sustainable design practices. With over 120 cohousing communities now in existence in North America, Katie McCamant and Chuck Durrett bring us a totally updated “must-have” book for anyone interested in creating more people-friendly neighborhoods. The new book is a fully-illustrated manual that combines nuts-and-bolts practical considerations, design ideas and real life examples – all of which are illustrated with extensive case studies of diverse communities in Europe and North America. Creating Cohousing draws on the author’s wealth of experience designing, developing and living in these cutting-edge neighborhoods, with chapters on cohousing and sustainable design principles, and illustrates how cohousing offers a uniquely rewarding type of housing for anyone who values their independence but longs for more connection with those around them.

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