About Us

The Canadian Cohousing Network (CCN) is a registered national non- profit organization.

Our Vision is a world where people are empowered to co-create and nurture sustainable living environments.

To bring our vision to reality, we connect people and resources to create and sustain cohousing communities.

The purpose of the CCN is to:

  • To promote the development of cohousing communities;
  • To enable networking opportunities for those interested in cohousing;
  • To maintain a directory of cohousing communities, professionals, and resources;
  • To provide clear information about the nature and benefits of cohousing.

The CCN was initially incorporated as the International Cohousing Society in 1992, by founders and original  directors Alan Carpenter, Patricia Carpenter and Friedhalm Radandt. The vision was for an international organization, however with the establishment of the Cohousing Association of the US (CohoUS) in 1997 the decision was made to change the name to the Canadian Cohousing Network (CCN).

The corporation operates without object of gain for its members or directors. Any profits or other accretions can only be used in promoting its objectives. These provisions are unalterable.

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