September 2023

Cohousing and Affordability The absolutely most common question that we get at CCN focuses on the issue of how to make cohousing more affordable. This should come as no surprise […]

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June 2023

Communication within Cohousing Communities How do you communicate within your community? From informal conversations with cohousers, we’ve heard about communities that do everything from notes on a bulletin board to

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March 2023

Considering the Common Meal: Last newsletter, we asked about common meals and we were excited about how many of you reached out to tell us about your meals! Some communities

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December 2022

Balancing Different Definitions of Sustainability Don Lindemann, writing in 1997 about his experience living in Berkeley Cohousing, noted: “I feel that practically everything we do individually and collectively in our

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September 2022

Hello From the CCN Board Hello and welcome to our first newsletter! We’re planning on putting these out every three months to let our members know what the CCN board

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