2 bedroom, 1.5 bathroom townhouse

Price: 875,000
Community: Vancouver Cohousing
Address: 1733 E 33rd Ave, Vancouver, British Columbia
Last Updated: July 8, 2020

Join a vibrant, intentional community in Vancouver’s groundbreaking cohousing project. This community is a dynamic and nurturing place to call home. With multi-generational neighbours in 31 units, there are a range of opportunities — from community meals, to spontaneous conversation, to courtyard sing-alongs — to connect and contribute.

Your private home has all amenities, and you also share a 6800sf common house, with a kids room, a yoga/exercise studio, rooftop garden, office space, bike storage, and more.

Your two-story townhouse gives you access to public and private outdoor space with patios and gardens. The ground floor features a large kitchen and dining area, with living room french doors that open onto a rear patio. Walk upstairs to access the two bedrooms, the main bathroom and a large storage room.

This unit also has extensive custom woodwork, designed to maximize storage and beauty. This includes two-stories of built-in shelving as well as a banquette/dining nook.

Walk out your front door into the lush courtyard, enjoy the gardens and fruit trees, pick tomatoes in the greenhouse and view the North Shore mountains from the common rooftop deck.

Beyond the benefits of your physical space, this community is a place to deepen shared values of cooperation, of living more lightly with the Earth and of growing authentic relationships. As part of the sales process, we’ll be sharing more details with prospective buyers about cohousing life.

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