Abundant Life Autism


We are parents, siblings, guardians

We have a loved one with autism. We lose sleep over what will happen to them when we pass on. We want to set them up as independently as possible but still be involved in their daily lives.
We are motivated to create a housing solution that is:

  • safe
  • thoughtfully researched and designed for autism
  • designed to create positive social opportunities via regular interest clubs (ie: the monthly Christmas Club, Thomas Tank Engine Tuesdays, or the Pez Dispenser Peeps)
  • designed to reduce isolation using common spaces for community purposes (ie: common house can host movie nights, art courses, birthday parties. It can have a large laundry room, a sensory room, a gym, and an indoor adult sized playground for the whole family to sweat and have fun no matter the weather)


We live out our faith daily. Some go to church. Some say grace at meals. We love one another. We love Jesus. We may sing hymns around the fire pit or have a seminary student create a bible study group or caregiver support group.

We recognize that not every family member may be a believer, and that’s okay. Everyone who chooses to live at Abundant Life knows that the atmosphere is faith based and agrees to support that climate.