Lost Lake Cohousing

5180 Universal Place, Nanaimo, British Columbia

Lost Lake Cohousing is a newly forming cohousing community in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Its a multi-generational community, welcoming members of all ages, and intentionally designed to promote interaction among neighbours. We are especially interested in welcoming young families to our community. We believe that both children and adults thrive and benefit when all ages live in community.

Members joining now will be influential in shaping the culture of our community and experience the excitement of seeing the community being built. Our common denominator is that we all share a desire to live in a neighbourhood that fosters an active and supportive community lifestyle. We plan to share and enjoy many meals together in our common house.

Lost Lake Cohousing attracts amazing people, active in the community and genuinely caring about each other. In times of need, illness, and loss, we are there to support each other. The children establish strong bonds along with all the adults. We will enjoy group hikes to nearby Lost Lake, bike rides, outdoor potlucks, and happy hours will provide an opportunity for making music, singing, laughing and storytelling. The kids love to play in our forests and climb trees.