Fiddlehead Cohousing


Fiddlehead Cohousing is creating a fun, livable cohousing space near Ottawa for individuals and families who value inclusivity and community.
This cohousing project will be modest and energy-efficient and located in a large town setting TBD in eastern Ontario, depending where suitable property is available.

Fiddlehead Cohousing will be 20+ units and will include outdoor green space and gardens. By locating away from major cities and working with Ottawa Cohousing, we can keep costs low and timelines on track.

Eastern Ontario boasts many picturesque towns both large and small, surrounded by forest, farm, and waterways. We’ll be close to Algonquin Park, the Frontenac Arch Biosphere, the Rideau Canal, several provincial parks, and hundreds of lakes and rivers – as well as two major cities with universities, colleges, and research hospitals.

We’re looking for people of diverse ages and backgrounds to join us.