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You are invited to a rare opportunity to join a vibrant new cohousing community in Vancouver with friendly neighbours and a sustainable, active and enjoyable West Coast lifestyle.

Cohousing is a great way to live, and you should have the opportunity to live in a friendly neighbourhood where everyone knows your name. And your kids’ names. Cohousing is much more than another strata.

  • It is a community where you not only greet your neighbours, you know your neighbours.
  • Together, you create a true community with people of all ages and backgrounds.
  • From the energy of youth to the wisdom of elders, everyone is enriched.
  • Village living in the 21st century.
  • Large Common House for entertaining, community dinners, events.
  • Enhances physical, mental and social health.
  • A better way of life

Creating a co-housing community on Duke St. in the beautiful Norquay area in Vancouver. The site is a 10 min walk to 29th St. skytrain, across the street from Norquay park and John Norquay Elementary and Windermere Secondary Schools are nearby.

You have the opportunity to get into a vibrant cohousing from the initial stages, with the support of Amisto Cohousing Society and our cohousing neighbours just blocks away at Vancouver Cohousing and Little Mountain Cohousing.

People who live in cohousing report that it’s the community that is the most valuable part of cohousing.  Participatory decision making, having meaningful connections with neighbours, and having the joy and belonging of being part of an intentional community that values you and your contribution.  Its a great way to raise kids and teens, and to age in place, and all stages in between.  Pets welcome!

Members joining now will be influential in shaping the culture of our community and experience the excitement of seeing the community being built. Our common denominator is that we all share a desire to live in a neighbourhood that fosters an active and supportive community lifestyle. We plan to share and enjoy many meals together in our common house.

Launched in March 2023, we have an accepted offer to purchase on four residential lots that closes May 1, 2024 and we have engaged Charles Durrett to produce architecture design.  As of July 2023, our community includes 8 invested members with several more seriously interested households moving through the process of membership.

12 reasons to live in cohousing

  1. Strong sense of community: Live among like-minded individuals and build relationships with neighbours.
  2. Participation. Future residents participate in the design of the community so that it meets their needs.
  3. Increased social interaction: Participate in community events and activities to stay connected with others.
  4. Sustainable living: Cohousing communities often prioritize environmental sustainability, implementing eco-friendly practices such as energy-efficient homes, shared vegetable gardens, and reduced car usage.
  5. Shared meals: Optional home-cooked meals are a daily pleasure in cohousing communities, providing opportunities for residents to gather, socialize, and share food and conversation.
  6. Safety and security: Enjoy a safer living environment with a supportive and watchful community.
  7. Diversity: Live among a diverse group of people from different backgrounds and cultures.
  8. Access to shared resources: Benefit from shared amenities such as gardens, workshops, and common rooms; as well as informal sharing amongst friendly neighbours.
  9. Improved quality of life: Enjoy a more fulfilling and satisfying lifestyle with a strong sense of belonging and purpose.
  10. Intergenerational living: Cohousing communities offer opportunities for families, elders, and individuals of all ages to live and interact with one another, promoting intergenerational relationships and breaking down age barriers.
  11. Sustainable living: Cohousing communities often prioritize environmental sustainability, implementing eco-friendly practices such as energy-efficient homes, shared vegetable gardens, and reduced car usage.
  12. Best of both worlds: Cohousing communities offer the opportunity to live in a supportive and socially-connected environment while retaining independence and privacy.

Ways to learn more:

  1. Check out East Van Cohousing on the web.
  2. Join our email list, and be the first to get updates.
  3. Check out a free zoom info session, where you’ll hear about cohousing and more details on East Van Cohousing, and get a chance to ask questions.
  4. Join a workshop
  5. Email to friends@amisto.ca

Community Information

In Development
Number of Homes
Common House
3000 sq. ft.


2732 Duke Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada

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Jen Mollins
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