Kelowna Cohousing


Kelowna Cohousing will be the first cohousing community in the Okanagan region. We are a group of community-minded folk looking for a more connected, safe, and sustainable way to live. We meet monthly on zoom to collaborate on planning and events, as well as a monthly meeting for anyone interested in learning more about cohousing and/or our project.

A specific design is yet to be made, but we have a general orientation given these agreed upon features:

  1. Multi-generational community
  2. Pedestrian oriented
  3. Shared amenities – at minimum, a common house, children play area, & gardens – to foster social interaction
  4. Comfortable and quality private homes
  5. As sustainable and self-sustaining as possible
  6. Near services, jobs, and public transport options
  7. Good walkability out the surrounding neighbourhood

We are beyond excited to make these community plans into reality!

Our project is supported by the Okanagan Cohousing (OKC) non-profit initiative led by UBCO Professor, Dr. Gordon Lovegrove (PhD. Civil Eng.), which aims to facilitate the development of cohousing complexes throughout the Okanagan, BC. Okanagan Cohousing

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Kelowna, BC, Canada

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Gordon Lovegrove
Contact Person 2
Pam Deshardine
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