Coquitlam Cohousing Concept Tour

August 14 2022. 2:00 pm PT | Vancouver, BC

(tour of Vancouver Cohousing)

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August 14 at 2pm, we will meet at Vancouver Cohousing, tour their building and meet with the community, and discuss our ideas for creating Coquitlam Cohousing at 1138 Falcon, Coquitlam BC. We have found a great location to establish Coquitlam Cohousing, and are looking for members to help buy the land and proceed with development.  We started Vancouver Cohousing in 2014, which now has hundreds of people on the waiting list.  Coquitlam Cohousing will be another cohousing option for folks in the Vancouver area, in a beautiful neighbourhood, walkable to skytrain, shopping, parks and schools. 

This will be a multi-generational community, welcoming members of all ages, and intentionally designed to promote interaction among neighbours. We are especially interested in welcoming young families to our community. We believe that both children and adults thrive and benefit when all ages live in community.

Members joining now will be influential in shaping the culture of our community and experience the excitement of seeing the community being built. Our common denominator is that we all share a desire to live in a neighbourhood that fosters an active and supportive community lifestyle. We plan to share and enjoy many meals together in our common house.

Coquitlam Cohousing will be a 5 story building, with 8 units per floor and amenity spaces on a rooftop deck and throughout the building. Our site will have a large communal interior space between the units. Prices for units are estimated at $475K for one bedroom to $1.1M for four bedroom.  We plan to buy the land in October, with 14 members investing $130,000.

Come hear about Coquitlam Cohousing!

By starting our own new cohousing, we

  1. Bypass existing cohousings’ long wait lists, which make it so hard to get in,
  2. Create a cohousing that reflects our needs, and build great community building relationships through its creation, and
  3. Build a community legacy for years to come and benefit many future residents in this project, and show others the benefits of this type of living.

RSVP to to join the tour and see what we are doing.  We would love to hear from you.

Event details:

  • August 14, 2 pm
  • We meet out front at 1733 E 33rd Ave at Vancouver Cohousing
  • RSVP to

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