Sustainable, supportive and practical! The life-changing perks of cohousing

Oct 11, 2022 | Langley, BC

News article from Langley Advance Times, provided by Compass Cohousing.

After 26 years thriving in the Langley community Howard and Miriam are still passionate about cohousing. The ideals still apply, but the more significant benefits of cohousing are the everyday practicalities.

“It’s just practical for everyday life. So many things are much easier when you trust and cooperate with neighbors. Yesterday we ran out of peppers as we were cooking dinner, and within minutes we’d found one to borrow from a neighbour. Often it’s a competition, to see who can deliver what you need the fastest!” Howard laughs. “Then there’s shared rides, having someone to go for a walk with, shared care for pets, help in an emergency, a network to help find work, and so on. When you take dozens of these small benefits and multiply by a lifetime, it adds up to a greatly enriched life.

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