Learn about Lost Lake Cohousing in Nanaimo

Apr 26, 2022. 5:00 pm. PT | Nanaimo, BC - Zoom

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Lost Lake Cohousing is a newly forming cohousing community in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. We have 3 forested acres in North Nanaimo under contract at 5180 Universal Place.

Members will be influential in shaping the culture of our community and experience the excitement of seeing the community being built. Our common denominator is that we all share a desire to live in a neighbourhood that fosters an active and supportive community lifestyle. We plan to share and enjoy many meals together in our common house.

Event details:

Other events:

  • Friday potlucks at 6pm at Pacific Gardens, 347 Seventh St. May include a tour of Pacific Gardens if folks are interested, or a discussion after dinner. We will be outdoors as much as possible, weather permitting.
  • Sunday – Site Tours at 3pm at 5180 Universal Ave, when we do not have a Lost Lake Community development workshop. Walk the 3 acre oceanview lot, we normally do a lot of chit-chat, which extends it to about an hour.
  • Tuesday Zoom calls at 5 pm provide a great chance for everybody to ask questions, with general information about cohousing and a chance to introduce ourselves.
    • Tuesday, April 19 at 5pm will include discussions of the core group forming the Lost Lake Cohousing on goals for the community design, to help prepare for the April 23/24 workshop
    • Starting in May, the first Tuesday zoom call of the month at 5pm will include discussions of the core group forming the Lost Lake Cohousing 

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