Intro to Lost Lake Cohousing in Nanaimo – multigenerational, ecological and fun!

July 24, 2022. 5:00 pm. PT | Nanaimo, BC - Zoom

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Lost Lake Cohousing is a developing cohousing community on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. We are developing the design and construction plans for our three forested acres in North Nanaimo at 5180 Universal Place.  We purchased the land on June 30, 2022 and are working with an architect and pre-construction services.

We are looking for new members to help shape the culture of our community and experience the excitement of seeing the community being built. Our common denominator is that we all share a desire to live in a neighbourhood that fosters an active and supportive community lifestyle with families, singles and seniors, and we are committed to protecting the natural beauty and environmental health of our pristine site.  We plan to share and enjoy many meals together in our common house.

From the past design workshops, we worked to fit the needs to the site to include covered parking, bike storage, green roofs, glamping spot, fire pit, forest playground, a trail connecting Universal Place with Dewar Road and Lost Lake Road, guest quarters, gardens, solar, kayak storage, EV chargers, working around large trees, a large common house with a kitchen, dining room and elevator, and more.

Our community so far includes three families with children, a retired farmer mother and scientist daughter who are interested in protecting the environment, a retired fisherman who wants to contribute to a community, business owners from Northern BC who want a community that promotes relationships and interactions while being affordable, a community activist focused on peoples’ lives and the environment, a teacher who excited to develop a shared vision, a retired public servant from Duncan area who wants to age actively.  This core group is continuing to work on the community aspects of the project, and is developing a mission and vision statement for the community.

RSVP to to join an info session and see what we are doing.  We would love to hear from you. 

Event details:

Intro to Lost Lake Cohousing Info Poster

Regular meet-ups


  • 3pm – Raw land site tours at 5180 Universal Ave. We walk the 3 acre site, chit-chat, and answer any questions which extends it to about an hour. RSVP to 
  • 6:30pm – barbeque / potlucks at Pacific Gardens, a relaxing meal, have fun! 347 Seventh St. Bring something to share and/or something to grill. May include a tour of Pacific Gardens if folks are interested, or a discussion after dinner. We will be outdoors as much as possible, weather permitting. RSVP to

Tuesday zoom calls –  every second week or so – July 12 and 26, August 9 and 23

  • 5pm – intro to multigenerational cohousing and Lost Lake Cohousing in particular, followed by questions
  • 5:30pm or 6pm – project updates, Lost Lake Cohousing community discussion 

Meeting 941 7883 6493

Passcode 618953


Upcoming Workshops:

  • July 16 and 17 – Common House Design Workshop, in pers0on or on zoom. Determine the design of the Common House based on the needs of the community. This is a key workshop, as the Common House is the heart of the community. We will define the goals, activities and places for this space, to get multiple uses and functionality from this shared use building.
  • August 27 and 28 – Private Home Design Workshop, continued. Finalize the individual apartment and townhouse elements, as well as the mix of dwelling sizes for Lost Lake Cohousing.
  • September  – Design Confirmation Workshop – final review of all the elements required for Lost Lake Cohousing, which will be used for submitting a Development Permit from the City of Nanaimo

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