Ottawa Cohousing: Making it Work!

May 26, 2022. 7:30 pm ET | Ottawa, ON - Zoom

Insights into Group Dynamics

Modern dancers illustrating Group Dynamics

Thursday May 26 – starting 7:30 – 9 pm EST (virtual – Zoom event)

Featuring:  Kathy McGrenera (Quayside Village) and Suzanne Gagnon (Terra Firma)

Join our two esteemed speakers as they share their long-time experience living in cohousing communities and their expertise in group development, facilitation, governance and conflict resolution.  This is a recommended opportunity for anyone apprehensive about the group work involved with cohousing. Q & A to follow.

This is a free event hosted by Ottawa Cohousing, but requires registration through the Ottawa Cohousing website.


Kathy McGrenera

Kathy McGrenera

Suzanne Gagnon

​Suzanne Gagnon