Sociocracy in Intentional Communities Conference

Nov. 19, 2022 | UTC 14:30 | Zoom

Learn from Cohousing, Coliving and Intentional Communities around the world.

The conference will explore how sociocracy supports ecovillages, cohousing projects and housing cooperatives to meet social needs through resilient, equitable and regenerative self-governance practices.

Some of what’s on the program:

  • Implementing Sociocracy
  • Sociocracy in Austria’s biggest Urban Ecovillage
  • Feelings As Creative Forces
  • An Easy Way to Create Effective Proposals
  • “I don’t like that proposal! What do I do?!” Objections and disagreements from inside and outside of a circle.
  • Community Safety and Accountability
  • Community Weavers: Connect with the people who connect you to community
  • High Quality Reactions – discerning thoughts and feelings
  • Building Trust while developing community policies
  • Sociocratic decision-making and agile project leadership in co-housing – An exploration
  • The Mission Statement – Living with it Sociocratically
  • Conflict happens – Connecting the dots between sociocracy, non-violent communication and conflict transformation in community

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