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Cohousing Canada – June Newsletter

Communication within Cohousing Communities How do you communicate within your community? From informal conversations with cohousers, we’ve heard about communities that do everything from notes on a bulletin board to email lists to using technology like WhatsApp or Slack to talk. As with any group, cohousing communities have a variety of things that they need… Read More

Cohousing Canada – March Newsletter

Considering the Common Meal: Last newsletter, we asked about common meals and we were excited about how many of you reached out to tell us about your meals! Some communities prefer potlucks while others have teams who cook a whole meal for their communities. While most communities doing common meals do one or two per… Read More

New Sechelt Zoning Bylaw 580 results in design changes for The Coastal Village

Feb. 13, 2023

If you are interested in living in The Coastal Village, Sechelt, on the Sunshine Coast, BC, complete our updated TCV Survey by February 20. Sechelt, a community of about 11,000 permanent residents, is a 40-minute scenic BC Ferry ride from West Vancouver, followed by a 20-minute drive up the Sunshine Coast.  Our property is centrally… Read More

Cohousing Canada – December Newsletter

Balancing Different Definitions of Sustainability Don Lindemann, writing in 1997 about his experience living in Berkeley Cohousing, noted: “I feel that practically everything we do individually and collectively in our community is modeling a way of life that is more satisfying and sustainable than the resource-consuming lifestyles and practices in which most (North) Americans remain… Read More

Cohousing Canada – September Newsletter

Hello From the CCN Board Hello and welcome to our first newsletter! We’re planning on putting these out every three months to let our members know what the CCN board is up to and also to help our communities build new connections. If you have any thoughts about content for future CCN newsletters, please email… Read More

Cohousing Communities Book Cover

Cohousing Communities the new must have book for Cohousing groups by Charles Durrett.

In Cohousing Communities: Design for High-Functioning Neighborhoods, distinguished architect and affordable housing advocate Charles Durrett delivers a complete, start-to-finish guide for designing anything where the emphasis lies with the community. This book describes the consequential role that architecture and a healthy design process can play in the success of neighborhoods, churches, towns, and more. It’s an inspiring collection… Read More

Sustainable, supportive and practical! The life-changing perks of cohousing

Oct 11, 2022 | Langley, BC

After 26 years thriving in the Langley community Howard and Miriam are still passionate about cohousing. The ideals still apply, but the more significant benefits of cohousing are the everyday practicalities. “It’s just practical for everyday life. So many things are much easier when you trust and cooperate with neighbors. Yesterday we ran out of… Read More