Driftwood Village

2137 Chesterfield Avenue, North Vancouver, British Columbia

We’re a multi-generational group of singles, couples, families with kids, and retirees, from different walks of life. Some of our favourite things are cooking and eating, coffee and craft beer, all kinds of bikes, kayaks, camping and hiking, gardening and music, tools and sewing machines. Rather than becoming too busy or frantic and feeling overwhelmed or isolated, we want a more practical and social lifestyle, based on co-operation, respect and caring for our neighbours.

We are designing and building a sustainable cohousing community in a walkable, bikeable North Vancouver location. We are creating a diverse, inclusive, resilient community that balances privacy and a deeper connection with our neighbours, for a simpler life.

Construction began in the summer of 2019, and Driftwood members expect to move in during the spring of 2021.