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The Coastal Village – Sunshine Coast forming group

Dec. 10, 2018. 5-8 p.m. Gibsons, B.C.

We are forming an affordable cohousing community on the Sunshine Coast. Our community is based on 3 principles: smart growth, green design and quality of life. Cohousing is neither a commune nor cooperative housing. Join us in conversations about creating a resilient neighborhood based on connectedness, support and trust. Read More

Driftwood Village Cohousing Recruiting New Members

Nov. 25, 2018. 2pm - 4pm. North Vancouver, BC.

As Driftwood Village Cohousing approaches construction, they are recruiting new associate members to fill the last remaining spaces. Check out their website for more details, and if you’re interested, please RSVP by Wed Nov 21st to attend their info session. The info session will be held at: Quayside Village Cohousing 510 Chesterfield Ave., North Vancouver,… Read More

Intro to Cohousing

Nov. 24 & Dec. 5, 2018. Vancouver, BC.

Are you curious about cohousing? Two free seminars on the basics of cohousing are coming up in Vancouver. The session will cover a brief history of cohousing and what it looks like in Canada, including how cohousing supports social connections.  There will be lots of time for questions, and opportunity to connect with others interested… Read More

Radiance Cohousing Construction Completed

Nov. 10, 2018. Saskatoon, SK

Congratulations to Radiance Cohousing in Saskatoon, SK who have just completed construction of their community! In The News: Cohousing complex in Saskatoon pursuing Passive House certification – Global News Article CBC Radio Interview: Read More

Radiance Cohousing Open House

Nov. 10, 2018. Saskatoon, SK

Radiance Cohousing will be opening its doors to the public on Saturday, November 10. Please join us for a tour… Read More

Spotlight on Forming Cohousing Communities

Last Updated: Nov. 7, 2018

The Canadian Cohousing Network welcomes our newest members, with forming communities that are currently seeking additional members and a site for development! Read More

The Coastal Village – Sunshine Coast forming group

Nov. 4, 2018. Gibsons and Elphinstone, B.C.

Visits to possible sites, beach walk and snack, and/or meeting. Read More

The Coastal Village – Social Gathering

Nov. 2, 2018. 5:30pm. Vancouver, BC.

Meet at 5:30 p.m., after Chuck Durrett’s (now full) Information Session on Cohousing, 515 West Hastings St., downtown Vancouver. Read More

Senior Cohousing 101 with Chuck Durrett

Nov. 2, 2018. 4pm - 5:30pm. Vancouver, BC

In this presentation, learn why senior cohousing is such a big deal today and how to get projects started. Read More

Cohousing on the Coast – Creating a Modern Village

Sept. 29, 2018. 10:30am - 12:30pm. Roberts Creek, BC

An Information Session on Cohousing hosted by: West Wind Harbour Cohousing, The Coastal Village and Roberts Creek Cohousing. Read More

Design process critical in creating cohousing communities, says American architect

July 22, 2018 Naoibh O’Connor / Vancouver Courier

The American architect who came up with the word “cohousing” is questioning the Vancouver-born version of the concept dubbed “cohousing lite.” Read More

Select presentations from the Canadian Cohousing Conference, 2018

April 28-29, 2018

View some videos from the 2018 Canadian Cohousing Conference. Read More